NYT Reporter Gets Destroyed on Twitter After Getting Caught Using Another Reporter’s Photo as His Scoop

Fake news New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin got called out after claiming he ‘obtained a copy of the Gallatin Co summons for Gianforte’s assault charges’.

It turns out Johnathan Martin ripped off a local reporter’s photo and tried to pass it off as his own.

Whitney Bermes with the Bozeman Daily Chronicle in Montana tweeted a photo of Gianforte’s citation. Greg Gianforte received this citation after allegedly body slamming a reporter from The Guardian. (Bermes’ tweet below)



Shortly after Bermes tweeted the photo of the citation she obtained, Jonathan Martin tweeted the EXACT same picture saying, “I’ve obtained a copy of the Gallatin Co summons for Gianforte’s assault charge.”


After getting called out, Jonathan Martin STILL denied he stole the photo…


Bermes from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle blasted Jonathan again tweeting, “I immediately took a photo of it. I know it is mine because there was a shadow in my phone and I also used a small scrap of paper from my reporter’s notebook to cover up Mr. Gianforte’s driver’s license information.”

There’s something satisfying about seeing The New York Times get roasted for being fake news.

Some of the reaction from people on Twitter who destroyed the New York Times reporter…



H/T Peter Hassan of The Daily Caller

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