NY Gov Cuomo, NYC Council Welcome Islamic Extremist Tied Linda Sarsour To Give CUNY Commencement

Despite protests this past Thursday, Islamic Extremist tied Linda Sarsour is still being championed as the commencement speaker for CUNY in New York City. Sarsour calls herself a “racial justice & civil rights activist” but has proven to be anything but, previously gone as far as attacking female genital mutilation survivor Hirsi Ali:

In CUNY’s original invitation to Sarsour, they have shown the left’s true colors. Not only is Sarsour close with finances for the terrorist group Hamas, but she is vehemently anti-Isreal:

Got News has more on the story:


New York City Council, the City University of New York (CUNY) and New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo plan to stick with anti-woman activist Linda Sarsour to deliver the graduation commencement address at CUNY on Thursday.

New York authorities’ decision to impose the regressive Sarsour on CUNY graduates inflamed heated protests in the city on Thursday, led by sharia law opponent Pamela Geller and Brooklyn Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

Hikind wants Sarsour to apologize or clarify her meaning, and there’s no indication she has.

Says Assemblyman Hikind, “You know, sometimes people say something years ago, and then they say, ‘Well, you know, I shouldn’t have said it. It was wrong.’ She stands by everything that she’s ever put out.”

The parents of Sarsour, a former executive of the Arab-American Association of New York, arranged her marriage at 17, and Linda began wearing head coverings, or hijab, at 20.

Her claims to be “progressive” or a “feminist” are utterly laughable—as a teenager, her family intimidated adolescent males from even looking in her general direction.

According to Sarsour, in the Boston Globe, June 2005:

“My male friends from high school knew not to even raise their eyes my way if they saw me with my mother. They just acted like they didn’t know me.”

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