NSA Leakers Announce New Monthly Leak Subscription Service

National Security Agency leakers AKA the ShadowBrokers announced Tuesday morning more details of its monthly subscription service to release more stolen NSA documents.

The Hill reports:

The group has been releasing files that appear to have been pilfered from the NSA in 2013 since last summer — most notably releasing a suite of Windows hacking tools that were subsequently used in the WannaCry ransomware that induced a global panic earlier this month.

The ShadowBrokers on Tuesday posted instructions on how to join a “Wine of the Month” club for new NSA leaks. In the post, the group said interested parties should send 100 ZCash coins — a digital currency akin to bitcoin — to sign up for the service. Enrollment will begin June 1 and end June 30.

The post is written in the ShadowBrokers’s trademark inconsistent broken English, widely believed to be an attempt to conceal the group’s identity.

Little is known about the ShadowBrokers, including whether it is a group or an individual, as well as whether it is hackers or NSA insiders leaking files. It first appeared in August trying to auction the complete set of tools, releasing an initial leak purportedly to drum up interest in the sale.

The leaked documents appear to be at least in part genuine NSA documents. One of the hacking tools released by the group contained an identification code mentioned in a previously unreleased Edward Snowden file.


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