NEW: Portland Stabber Caught on Video Threatening to Stab Passengers ONE DAY Before He Killed 2 People (VIDEO)

As TGP previously reported, Jeremy Christian, a man who killed two people in Portland and was shouting about Islam, was not a Trump supporter, nor a member of the new right.

Of course the fake news media keeps painting Jeremy Christian as a white supremacist and Trump supporter despite evidence to the contrary.

Because of the fake news that Jeremy Christian is a Trump supporter, Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, has acted to suspend the First Amendment rights of Trump supporters and those opposed to Islamic sharia law by banning demonstrations planned for Portland in the coming weeks.

Below is new cell phone video of Jeremy Christian going on a racist rant and threatening to stab people ONE DAY before he stabbed three people on a train.



Jeremy Christian has a history of being unstable and violent and, in fact, Trump supporters reported him to the police. This was after he was kicked out of a free speech event by those very same Trump supporters.
The police ignored it.

The following video shows his behavior at the Free Speech event:


H/T: Josh Caplan

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