NEW: Christopher Columbus’ Anchor Discovered at Caribbean Shipwreck Site (VIDEO)

An exclusive report by Fox News details a story involving a “space treasure map” and an amazing discovery in the Caribbean.

Experts have discovered a centuries-old anchor that is “believed to be from one of Christopher Columbus’ ships”.


Fox News reports:

The anchor was discovered off of the Turks and Caicos islands and is dated around 1492 and 1550. The anchor is estimated to weigh somewhere between 1,200 and 1,500 pounds and it would be most associated with 300-ton vessels considering it is a “bower” anchor, this is the usual size of a ship Columbus might have used in his day.

The Turks and Caicos discovery is believed to be linked to Vicente Yanez Pinzon — a Spanish sailor, who, along with his brother Martin Alonso Pinzon, was part of the Columbus expeditions.

Martin and Vicente were captains, respectively, of the Pinta and Nina on Columbus’ first voyage in 1492. Six years later, around the time of Columbus’ third voyage, Vicente Pinzon set off from Spain with four Caravels, or small sailing ships, including the Pinta, in what is known as one of the expedition’s “Minor Voyages.”

In addition to the anchor, Miklos’ team found a trove of other artifacts at the shipwreck site, including three grappling hooks that date back to the Columbus era. The grappling hooks, or anchors, were used for salvaging treasure from sunken ships.

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You can watch a video below about the space treasure map:


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