Nancy Pelosi Incoherently Rambles About Russia Hoax, Claims NRA is Part of Intelligence Community (VIDEO)

Washington D.C. – Chief Political Correspondent for CNN, Dana Bash interviewed House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi today at the 2017 Fiscal Summit. Nancy Pelosi went on a strange, incoherent rant about the Trump-Russia hoax where she claimed the NRA is actually a part of the Intelligence Community. 

Nancy Pelosi should be at home in a rocking chair knitting or playing Sudoku. Unfortunately, we are still subjected to her mental illness after being a government swamp creature who has lived off the largess of taxpayers too long.

This clip of Nancy Pelosi, like many others is painful to watch. Major cringe!

Pelosi: “Talk about Russia undermined our election. They did it. (Incoherent babble)…not even any question. They hacked. They leaked. They disrupted. The question is was there collusion (babbling)…you can’t know until you have the full fledged facts.

And to have a President say to the…uh Director of the FBI, the DNI, Director of National Intelligence or the NRA person that um, uh that, that uh they should not go forward. Uhhh it raises questions that need to be answered in a facts and law way.”

I hate to break it to you, Nancy Pelosi, but the National Rifle Association is not a part of our Intelligence Community.


VIDEO via Tea Partier YouTube:

H/T Josh Caplan


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