PELOSI CACKLES AWKWARDLY – Admits She Struggles to Call Trump ‘President’ (VIDEO)

Democrat Nancy Pelosi admitted on Tuesday that she struggles to call Donald Trump by his official title, “President.”

Nancy Pelosi looked awkward as usual, cackling during an interview with Scott Shafer of KQED at an event at The Commonwealth Club of California.

Shafer: “I notice you don’t say ‘President Trump’.”

Pelosi: “It’s hard.” (CACKLES)

Shafer: “Is that a thing? I mean–do you avoid that?” (Pelosi is still cackling)

Pelosi: “I’ve never heard him say it either.”

Shafer: “You what? Say that again?”

Pelosi: “I’ve never heard him say it either.” (whatever that means)

Shafer: “Is it hard to say it?”

At this point Pelosi began stuttering as she brought up her glory days of being Speaker of the House and how she was the most powerful ranking woman in the country being she was the in the third highest position.


Pelosi then said she was looking forward to a Hillary Clinton victory on election day so there would finally be a woman who would be the highest ranking woman ‘practically in the world’. She called Hillary’s loss a ‘blow to the country’ then went on to say she doesn’t know how much respect President Trump has for the job and said ‘he’s casual’ (whatever that means).

Old bat Pelosi also complained that President Trump hasn’t visited countries ‘alphabetically’ and thinks that the NRA is a part of the Intelligence community so who can ever take what she says seriously? If anything, Pelosi is a great case for term limits.


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