MSNBC Analyst Shocks Host as He Comes Unhinged, Insists Jared Kushner is a Russian Agent (VIDEO)

MSNBC analyst, Naveed Jamali became so crazed when he insisted that President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner is a Russian agent, that host Stephanie Ruhle was even shocked and taken aback.

Jamali: “You look for patterns and this is a clear pattern emerging. It’s a pattern that shows a consistent effort to deceive. And when you have that, there’s only one conclusion you can draw, again from an intelligence standpoint that this man (Jared Kushner) was either a Russian agent, either aspiring to be a Russian agent or was in fact a Russian agent.

Ruhle: “Hold on, this man being Jared Kushner? You really think he wants to be a Russian agent? Why would he be a Russian agent? That’s a major allegation. I mean that’s kind of a stretch,”

At this point, Naveed Jamali went on a crazy tinfoil hat rant about Jared Kushner and Michael Flynn being in bed with the Russians. Even the other guests had looks of disbelief on their faces.

Jamali went on to say that agents of foreign governments often go down a path toward treason.


Of course there is ZERO evidence that Kushner sought to advance the interests of the Russian government by attempting to open a back-channel to the Kremlin.

Kushner’s back-channel request was simply an effort to address the fight in Syria.



H/T The Daily Caller

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