For Mother’s Day=> POTUS Trump Pushes for More Women’s Healthcare, Family Leave Options

Sunday, President Trump issued a statement celebrating Women’s Health Week.

The president called for improving health care access for “quality prenatal, maternal, and newborn care,” as well as paid family leave for fathers and mothers.

The President says that he is committed to work with Congress on these issues. We all know Ivanka is behind a lot of this and is an avid promoter of women’s rights issues as far as the Trump administration is concerned.

Politico reports:

“Under the current health-care system, however, the lack of choice in health insurance and in health-care providers, along with skyrocketing premium and out-of-pocket costs, are failing our citizens, our families, and, in particular, our women.”

In addition, Trump said: “Women are living longer, healthier lives than their mothers.”
“The number of women dying from heart disease and cancer — the top two killers of women in America — has been decreasing for decades,” he continued in the statement. “Thanks to new breast cancer treatments, our health care professionals have saved lives and improved the quality of life for millions of women. We must continue to foster an environment that rewards these needed advances in research.”

The president said he is committed to working with Congress on behalf of paid family leave for mothers and fathers, and to “invest in the comprehensive care that women receive at community health centers.”

“Through these reforms, and my 2018 Presidential Budget, we will enable access to the critical health-care services women need,” the president said.

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