Mitch McConnell Won’t Allow Tax Relief That Is Not Revenue Neutral – Will Block Trump Tax Cuts to Working Americans

Face it, Americans. They just don’t care about you.

Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell announced this week that he will block any tax cuts that are not revenue neutral.

This is impossible. Therefore, McConnell and Republican lawmakers will block tax cuts to all working Americans.
Thank you, Republican leaders!

Republicans did nothing to prevent Obama from increasing national debt by $10 trillion. Now they suddenly have a backbone because Trump is the Commander in Chief. Senator Majority Leader McConnell says tax reform must be revenue neutral. In other words, McConnell and GOP lawmakers are going to block tax cuts to millions of working Americans.
Republican lawmakers are the enemy.

Accounting Today reported:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that any tax overhaul can’t add to the growing U.S. budget deficit, a position that places him at odds with President Donald Trump, who has called for a significant tax cut.

McConnell said in an interview Tuesday with Bloomberg News that the nation’s “alarming” debt requires an approach that would balance tax cuts with new sources of revenue to avoid changing overall government receipts.

“It will have to be revenue-neutral,” he said. “We have a $21 trillion debt.”

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