ON MEMORIAL DAY ‘Troops Need You’ Launches NEW APP So You Can Help Active Duty Combat Troops (VIDEO)

New App Makes It Easy for Americans to Donate to Combat Troops

The Gateway Pundit has been a longtime supporter of Troops Need You and its founder Eric Egland.

On this Memorial Day we are excited to help Eric announce the Troops Need You phone app.

Eric Egland and wife Ania


Troops Need You, the non-profit Eric Egland started ten years ago and runs as a volunteer, recently launched a one-of-a-kind app that makes it extremely easy for combat troops to request mission critical needs, and for Americans to donate money to get those needs.

TNY is unique in that fills the gaps where normal supply channels go short. It goes beyond care packages and gets our troops the exact mission essential supplies they need – night vision goggles, infrared hunting cameras, weapons accessories, etc.

Memorial Day Challenge: We’ve got a specific mission we’d like to highlight for Memorial Day weekend. It’s a request made on the new app from a special forces unit that is seeking new uniforms. The unit is deployed overseas in an area with reddish-desert terrain. The uniforms the unit was issued are yellow and stand out– compromising their surveillance and sniper missions against ISIS. Now you can help the unit get the uniforms they need.

This morning Eric joined America’s Newsroom to discuss the new Troops Need You phone app.

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