Media Caught Lying AGAIN, Claims Trump Chose Not to Hear Translation of Italian PM’s Speech

A BBC reporter set social media ablaze Saturday morning when he claimed that President Trump wasn’t listening to a translation as Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni was speaking at the G7 summit.

Diplomatic correspondent for BBC, James Landale tweeted a “short clip that sums up” the summit with a video. The caption said Trump had “chosen not to hear a translation of his Italian host’s speech”.

If you watch the video, it is clear that President Trump is actually listening intently. He isn’t wearing visible headphones like everyone else; he chose to wear an earpiece in his right ear.


Photos of Trump with ear piece in his right ear:

Of course this video went viral and caught the attention of the Trump-hating fake news media so they piled on. Every media outlet makes mistakes and makes corrections accordingly, however; these type of attacks on President Trump are done with malicious intentions. Shame on the media. This is why the media is hated, they have zero integrity.

Sam Stein of fake news HuffPo tweeted out, ‘Trump obviously speaks fluent Italian so there is no need for headphones for translation’:


UK’s The Mirror ran a story titled “Donald Trump ‘caught pretending to listen’ at G7 summit – after crucial mistake ‘gives him away’” –all because of the BBC’s reporters false tweet.

Andrea Catherwood of BBC radio disrespected President Trump:


Another disrespectful and clueless sycophant:

White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer blasted BBC for their fake news story by tweeting out, “As usual POTUS wears a single ear piece for translation in his right ear”:




Insert photos and H/T Daily Caller & Peter Hasson


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