After Manchester Islamic Suicide Bombing Liberals STILL Deny the Threat of Radical Islam

Many people repeated the “it’s not all Muslims” phrase, or the “it’s not Islam that’s the problem” phrase, over and over again following the Muslim terrorist attack recently at the Manchester Arena.

They are lying to themselves and to everyone around them because they think that the reality of terrorism carried out by Muslims is not real. The solution is simple for the West, no Islam, no violence because of Islam. If it were Buddhism or Christianity or Judaism carrying out these attacks, I would call for that faith to be dismantled or aggressively reformed.

When we lie to ourselves, we die.

Martyn Hett tweeted on July 30th, 2016 from Ashton-under-Lyne, England:


“the biggest casualties of ISIS attacks have been MUSLIMS. These terrorists may identify as Muslim, but they are sick . . .”

Martyn Hett died during the Manchester Arena terrorist attack, which was carried out by a Muslim. Martyn Hett’s name and what he said and how he died should be burned into the memories of apologists everywhere. I am deeply saddened that Martyn died, he did not deserve to die and I can only begin to imagine how his family must feel, but forever we must look at Martyn’s words and his life and his untimely death to understand our irrational take on Islam.

Rest in peace, Martyn Hett.

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