Macron Leading Exit Polls at 62% in French Presidential Race, According to Belgian Media Sources

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Belgian French language media outlet, RTBF, are citing ‘reliable estimations’ and numerous studies this evening to call Emmanuel Macron as the likely winning candidate in the French presidential election.

Official projections will not be broadcast from Paris until 8pm local time. Under French law, exit polls cannot be published before this time. No such restriction exists for neighboring Belgian and Swiss media, however. Belgian Francophone broadcaster, RTBF, is releasing estimations as and when they are verified, ahead of their French counterparts.

Earlier in the day, the broadcaster revealed estimates claiming that 90% of votes cast by French citizens in the US and Canada had gone to Macron. The leader of En Marche! (Onwards!) was also given a clear lead ahead of Marine Le Pen in the French overseas territories.

If RTBF’s projections are correct, Macron will be elected president and would replace outgoing premier, François Hollande, within two weeks.

Macron served in Hollande’s socialist government for two years as Economy Minister. Critics argue that his presidency will essentially be a continuation of the previous administration.

If accurate, a disappointed Marine Le Pen will be setting sights on the upcoming parliamentary elections to be held on June 11th and 18th, which will determine the opposition to Macron’s government.

Polls in France will not close for another hour and a half, at 7pm across most of France, and 8pm for the larger cities. An official declaration will be made live on French television from Paris immediately afterwards, announcing which of the candidates will be headed for the Elysée Palace.


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