LONDONISTAN=>Muhammed Most Popular Baby Name in London, 2nd Most Overall Across UK

London has fallen–to Islam. London has a Muslim Mayor, has suffered Islamic terrorist attacks and now Muhammed is the most popular baby name in the once Christian Western city. 

Muslims name their sons Muhammed after the maniacal war-monger who married (raped) a 6 year old girl. They call him their ‘messenger of Allah’.

Via The Daily Mail:


The UK’s most popular baby names have been revealed in a new survey, with Muhammed and Amelia topping the charts for the capital.

Research carried out in every city in the country has shown how long-time favourites such as Emily, Sophie, Jack and Oliver are still going strong in 2017.

At the same time, the Arabic name Muhammed came out as the most popular given to boys in culturally-diverse London, and was second most popular nationwide.

The most popular boys names in the UK, in order, were Oliver, Muhammed, Noah, Harry, Jack, Charlie, Jacob, George, Ethan and Henry.

This is how Islam takes over, folks. If not by the sword, they will take over by out-populating their host country. All of these ‘Muhammed’s’ are going to turn into grown men and they will eventually outnumber the ‘Henry’s, Jack’s and Christopher’s’ and Sharia law will be fully implemented.

Muslim migrants have infested the UK and leech off of welfare. Many having multiple wives that the government recognizes resulting in higher welfare payments to accommodate larger families. How can London come back from this invasion? A once Christian beacon of freedom has turned into a land of Muhammeds.



H/T Creeping Sharia

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