Liberty U President Jerry Falwell Jr.: Liberal US Universities More Authoritarian and Fascist (VIDEO)

President Donald J. Trump delivered the commencement address at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia on Saturday.

He was awarded a Doctorate of Law during the ceremony.

Several Liberty graduates wore “Make America Great Again” Trump hats to their graduation.


After the commencement ceremony Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. spoke with FOX News. Falwell told FOX American universities have become more intolerant and fascist over the past few decades.

Jerry Falwell, Jr.: Liberty University students understand the college is about hearing other ideas, free expression, the exchange of ideas. Unfortunately a lot of colleges have gotten away from that and if somebody comes in who the students don’t agree with they’re either disinvited or booed or hissed… It hasn’t been that long. My father spoke at all the Ivy League schools in the 80s. I went with him. Back then they didn’t disinvite conservative speakers like him. Some of them booed when they didn’t like something he said but at least back then they still allowed him on campus. I don’t think today when you saw what happened at Berkeley. You know liberals used to be champions of free speech and at many universities the tables have turned and they’ve become more authoritarian and more, hate to say it, but fascist.

Of course, Falwell is right. Conservatives need bodyguards to speak at US universities today. And in the rare occasion that they are invited to speak liberal students riot, beat heads and torch buildings.

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