LIBERAL MEDIA IN PANIC! Latest #FakeNews Accuses Kim Dotcom of Hacking Into Seth Rich’s Gmail …Kim DotCom Responds

Famous Internet entrepreneur and hacker, Kim Dotcom set social media ablaze recently when he tweeted out that he knew slain DNC staffer, Seth Rich and was involved in the DNC leak to Wikileaks.

There is complete panic in the highest levels of the DNC over the Seth Rich murder investigation which makes us even more suspicious that the DNC had something to do with it.

Why wouldn’t they want this murder solved?… What are they afraid of?

On Wednesda, Washington Post rolled out an article claiming Seth Rich’s gmail account received an alert from (created by Kim Dotcom) attempting to start a new account. WaPo goes on to say, ‘According to experts and Rich’s family, the emailed invitation from appeared to be an attempt to gain access to Rich’s email.’


Excerpt from WaPo article:

Eric Geller who is a far left ‘cybersecurity’ reporter for Politico tweeted an excerpt from the WaPo article to his 47,000 Twitter followers saying, ‘It looks like Kim Dotcom tried to hack Seth Rich’s Gmail account to plant evidence for his conspiracy theory’

Of course Kim Dotcom hit back hard:

Independent journalist, Tim Pool also attacked the fake news media:

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