Liar Susan Rice Denies “Misuse” of Intel She Unmasked From Trump People (VIDEO)

Former Obama Ambassador and White House adviser Susan Rice wentk on CNN on Sunday to trash Donald Trump.

This is the same woman who lied to 5 different networks on the same day about the Benghazi terrorist attacks.

Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s national security adviser and UN ambassador, reportedly requested on several occasions the “unmasking” of identities of private citizens linked to President Trump’s transition and campaign.


In April Susan Rice appeared on MSNBC to respond to allegations that she unmasked Trump and his top associates .

Rice denied she unmasked Trump and his associates for political purposes, ‘I leaked nothing to nobody’. This was a direct contradiction from what she said two weeks ago on PBS… When she denied Trump’s ‘wiretap’ allegations.
This woman is not trustworthy and never was.

On Sunday Rice told Fareed Zakaria she did her job faithfully in unmasking Trump advisers.

“I never did anything that was untoward with respect to intelligence I received.”

Rice actively sought to unmask the names of Trump advisers in personal conversations with foreign agents.

If this woman does not end up in prison then we will know for sure there are two different legal systems in America – one for the common man and one for the elites.

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