Left-Wing Antifa Threaten, Assault Journalists and Trump Supporters at Boston Free Speech Rally (VIDEOS)

Violent left-wing members of Antifa showed up to a Boston free speech rally today at an attempt to intimidate Trump supporters and journalists exercising their right to free speech and free press.

Anti-American Antifa threatened and assaulted independent journalist, Tim Pool who was simply capturing video of the rally. The leftists today believe that there is no right to free press because they have been able to bully conservatives on their liberal campuses who afford them ‘safe spaces’.

Hey Antifa, there is no such thing as a ‘safe space’ in the real world. Get over yourselves or get the hell out of this country if you don’t like the Constitution.


Video of Antifa getting in Tim Pool’s face, telling him that he’s not allowed to film there. Tim Pool dug in his heels and refused to leave based on his staunch beliefs in freedom of press and speech:

Antifa shouting down Trump supporters: (LANGUAGE WARNING)

Here is the man who assaulted Tim Pool. 4 chan and /pol/ are already working to identify the man.

Antifa burning an American flag:

Antifa waving USSR flags:


Antifa threatening live streamers:



Photos, videos and commentary by journalists/witnesses live on the scene: @Timcast @AltRight_Report @Joshdcaplan

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