BOOM! KELLYANNE CONWAY Accuses CNN’s Anderson Cooper of Sexism for ROLLING HIS EYES AT HER (Video)

On Tuesday CNN “hard news reporter” Anderson Cooper rolled his eyes at Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway their interview on the Comey firing.

Conway, the first woman in history to win a presidential campaign in America.

On Wednesday CNN Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza defended Anderson Cooper’s actions writing his eyeroll “is all of us” at CNN. Buzzfeed also cheered Anderson for his disrespect.


On Thursday Kellyanne Conway went on FOX and Friends to discuss Comey’s firing — again.
Conway accused Anderson Cooper of sexism for his offensive actions.

Kellyanne Conway: Let’s put this in context. He had me sit through a bunch of tapes showing then candidate Trump commending Jim Comey about Hillary Clinton’s emails, talking about him, etc. The fact is that they showed all these clips and they showed candidate Trump in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And I said thanks for the trip down memory lane and talked about winning Michigan. And then he rolled his eyes. And let me tell you something. Hillary Clinton is in search of sexism as a lame excuse for why her disastrous candidacy and campaign lost six months ago. I face sexism a lot of times when I show up for interviews like that.

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