Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton to Tucker Carlson: Clinton ‘Still Faces Legal Jeopardy’ (VIDEO)

President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton spoke with Tucker Carlson Thursday about Comey and the FBI’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Carlson begins by asking:

“Would you be worried tonight if you were Secretary Clinton?”

Fitton’s comment follows:

“Oh, I still think she faces legal jeopardy – I mean, if the system’s working, she still faces legal jeopardy. The Justice Department under President Obama protected her. The FBI Director repeatedly misstated the law in suggesting they needed intent, they had plenty of intent. Let me tell you how bad the FBI investigation was: they were using freedom of information documents uncovered by Judicial Watch to question the witnesses. The witnesses didn’t start getting questioned until we started questioning these witnesses, it was something they didn’t want to do, the Justice Department never wanted to have a serious investigation and so we just need some honest prosecutors and investigators and I believe the FBI rank-and-file will be happy to do a serious investigation and would be happy even if there’s no prosecution as long there’s a fair analysis in the end.”

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