John McCain: Vladimir Putin Bigger Threat Than ISIS (VIDEO)

Senator John McCain made a great case for term limits when he said Monday that he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin is a greater threat to the world than ISIS.

You read that correctly. ISIS is only chopping off heads, burning people alive and raping women and children, but Vladimir Putin is a greater threat according to McCain.

McCain sat down with Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s ‘7:30’ for an interview and when asked how much of a threat to the world Vladimir Putin is, he answered the following:


McCain: “I think he is a premiere and most important threat, more so than ISIS. I think ISIS can do terrible things and I worry a lot about what is happening with the Muslim faith and I worry about a whole lot of things about it, but it’s the Russians who are trying, who tried to destroy the very fundamental of democracy and that is to change the outcome of an American election.

Now I’ve seen no evidence that they’ve succeeded, but they tried and they are still trying. They are still trying to change elections.

I view the Russians as a far greatest challenges that we have.”

John McCain is completely unhinged. To say that Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat than a death cult that is marching across the world, killing everyone in its path shows that McCain is unfit to be in office. An ISIS suicide bomber just killed innocent children in Manchester and he has the nerve to say this? McCain and the psychotic liberals want war with Orthodox Christian Russia so badly that they are willing to push one conspiracy theory after another to set the stage for it.


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