ISIS Calls on Muslims to Launch Election Day Attacks – Burn Down Polling Stations

ISIS ‘Rumiyah’ Magazine tells supporters in France to burn down polling stations and kill a candidate.

According to MEMRI the message addressed to the Muslims of France is a twofold religious argument: First, a Muslim is to not participate in the elections as doing so is considered an act of idolatry, and second, Muslims should carry out a terror attack to destroy said idols and idol worshippers.

Foreign Desk News reported:


ISIS has called upon Muslims in France to “kill candidates” and “burn down polling stations” as the country prepares to vote in the second round of the presidential election this weekend.

An article appearing in the French edition of the terror group’s monthly propaganda magazine “Rumiyah” addresses all Muslims in France stating: “Don’t forget your duty as a Muslim. Choose a candidate to kill & polling station to burn.”

Likening Western democracies to ‘?âghût’ or idol worship, the Islamic State advises supporters to instead put their faith in Allah over a ‘false deity’ and not vote in this weekend’s crucial runoff between Centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron and his rival, Right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen in which Macron is widely expected to emerge the winner.

Addressing the option of voting for one candidate over the other as the ‘lesser of the two evils’ (presumably a reference to Macron), the writer rejects the argument, because both candidates are ‘?âghût’ or idolaters.

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