Immigrant Charged With Slitting 2 Doctors’ Throats, Shooting at Police Had Previous Record of Bank Robberies

Boston, MA – Bampumim Teixeira was arraigned from his hospital bed on multiple charges, including two counts of murder. Teixeira, who is an immigrant from Africa murdered two doctors in cold blood.

Teixeira has a criminal history as well. He received a light sentence by a liberal judge for 2 bank robberies.

Via The Boston Globe:

Boston police discovered a black backpack full of jewelry when they searched the penthouse condo where two doctors were slain Friday, a killing that authorities allege was committed by a man who once worked for a security firm at the South Boston complex.

The suspect, 30-year-old Bampumim Teixeira, was shot and wounded by police inside the 11th-floor condo at 141 Dorchester Ave., where he allegedly murdered the doctors, Lina Bolaños, 38, and Richard Field, 49.

On Friday night, Pappas said, a friend of both Field and Bolanos received a text message from the doctors shortly before 8 p.m. that “requesting that the police be notified, that there was a serious situation and that there was a gunman in the apartment belonging to Dr. Richard Fields.

He said that when officers reached the 11th floor outside Field’s condo, they found a set of keys on the floor outside the unit. They shouted into the unit, got no response, and then used the keys to open the door, entering into the apartment, where all the lights were off, Pappas said.

Inside, an officer encountered a man in dark clothing. “In the ensuing moments, there was an exchange of gunfire,” Pappas said. ’

He said the man in black clothing was Teixeira, who was taken into custody by officers outside the apartment. Teixeira had been shot in his abdomen, leg and left hand. Police also noticed Teixeira was wearing “dark-colored gloves,’’ Pappas said.

He did not disclose the cause of death, but the Globe has reported their throats had been slit. They were pronounced dead at the scene, Pappas said.

Teixeira’s criminal history:

Teixeira had a criminal record. He had pleaded guilty in Boston Municipal Court to robbing the Summer Street branch of Citizens Bank in downtown Boston in 2014 and 2016 and was ordered to serve nine months in the Suffolk County House of Correction. He concluded his sentence last month.

According to Boston police records filed in the bank robbery case, police used MBTA Transit Police surveillance images, bank security camera images, and Teixeira’s Charlie Card records to link him to the Broadway Red Line station in South Boston.

According to immigration law, immigrants in the state can be deported if they are sentenced to at least one year or 365 days.

TGP received a tip: A sanctuary city, pro-immigrant, liberal judge, Lisa Grant (Deval Patrick appointee) gave Teixeira a 364 day sentence so he wouldn’t be deported. Had the judge given him the appropriate sentence it is extremely likely both doctors would still be alive.

Teixeira also worked as a security guard at the building prior to jail so he knew how to get inside and may even have had a card key access. Robbery was the motive.

The Boston Globe also reported on the security at the building where the doctors resided:

Palladion Services stopped providing security and concierge services for the building on Feb. 18, according to a resident who did not want to be identified. Palladion did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment.

The new security company, Highbridge Concierge, describes itself on its website as a premium residential management company for luxury residential properties. The company’s founder, Patrick J. Knight, declined Monday to discuss the condominium complex’s security or say how the suspect gained access to the penthouse Friday night.

“The police are in charge of the investigation,” Knight said, rejecting the suggestion that there was a lapse in security. “I can’t discuss security measures at the building … That’s a private building and we would never release anything. I have no comment.”

Photo (via Boston Globe) of doctors murdered by Teixeira:

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