Hah! Trump Trolls ‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer’ Over Faux Comey Outrage

President Trump trolled ‘Crying Chuck Schumer’ Tuesday night after Schumer came out and attacked Trump for firing FBI Director, James Comey.

President Trump called out Chuck Schumer on his Twitter account for his recent statements on Comey.

Just a few months ago, Chuck Schumer stated that he didn’t have confidence in Comey after he decided to re-open Hillary’s email investigation days before the Presidential election. Schumer actually said he was going to sit down and have a talk with Comey.

Today, Schumer came out and and expressed his disapproval for Trump’s firing of Comey, even saying that if a special prosecutor isn’t appointed to handle the ongoing ‘Russia’ investigation, Comey’s firing will look like ‘part of a cover-up’.

The same Democrats who attacked Comey for re-opening Hillary’s email investigation found themselves in a little bit of a pickle today as they defended the former FBI director they once hated.


“Cryin’ Chuck Schumer stated recently, “I do not have confidence in him (James Comey) any longer.” Then acts so indignant. #draintheswamp”

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