Hack Lester Holt to Interview Trump – Interrupted Trump 41 Times at Debate, Interrupted Hillary 7 Times

NBC reporter Lester Holt will meet with President Trump today in a widely anticipated interview after the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

CNN is calling this the biggest interview of Trump’s presidency.
Lester Holt is no friend of Donald Trump.

The NBC anchor was widely criticized after the first presidential debate for defending Hillary Clinton and taking sides with the Democratic candidate.

Holt interrupted Donald Trump 41 times. He interrupted Hillary Clinton 7 times.

Lester Holt was particularly hard on Donald Trump in a heated exchange on the Iraq War.
The Daily Caller reported:

Holt interrupted Trump a record 41 times, either to “fact-check” the Republican nominee, or to ask a follow-up question. Clinton was only interrupted seven times during the course of the 90-minute debate.

Holt interrupted Trump the most during a particularly heated exchange about Trump’s stance on the Iraq war. Both candidates attempted to dodge their former stances. Holt challenged Trump in particular, cutting him off several times to assert the business mogul did indeed support the war in Iraq when it was popular.

Lester Holt accused Donald Trump of supporting the Iraq War back in 2003.

Trump brought up his interview with Neil Cavuto in his defense.


After the debate Neil Cavuto played his 2003 interview with Donald Trump from January 28th of 2003.

Donald Trump: Well I’m starting to think that people are much more focused now on the economy. They’re getting a little bit tired of hearing we’re going in, we’re not going in.  You know, what happened to the days of Douglas MacArthur?  I mean he would go in and attack.  He wouldn’t talk.  I mean we have to, you know, it’s sort of like either do it or don’t do it….   Well, he’s [Bush] either got to do something or not do something perhaps.  Because perhaps he shouldn’t be doing it yet.  Perhaps we should be waiting for the United Nations.  You know, he’s under a lot of pressure.  He’s, you know I think he is doing a very good job but of course if you look at the polls a lot of people are getting a little tired.  I think the, the Iraqi situation is a problem and I think the economy is a much bigger problem.

Via FOX Business Network:

Today President Trump is sitting with this liberal hack for an interview.

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