Gorka: ‘American Leadership is BACK’, ‘We’re Not Going to Make Apologies for Who We Are’ (VIDEO)

Dr. Sebastian Gorka spoke with Judge Jeanine recently and commented on the “global reset” that the Trump presidency represents and the power of American leadership in regards to the geopolitical landscape.

Deputy Assistant Dr. Gorka’s conversation with Judge Jeanine Pirro was filled with insightful and powerful language, which articulates much of the Trump administration’s stance on power, geopolitical relations, and the fight against terror:

“Well, Judge, do you remember that fake reset, that plastic switch that Hillary gave Lavrov with the mistranslated label? Well, forget that – this is the real global reset. The President, in just ten days, has changed the geopolitical reality wherever he went. Whether it was Europe, whether it was the Middle East, whether it was NATO headquarters, the Wailing Wall, he has changed it.

American leadership is back, we’re not going to preach to people, we’re not going to lecture, we’re not going to make apologies for who we are. We are here to obliterate ISIS, we’re here to reassure our friends, especially Israel, and we are here to send a very clear message to our enemies, Iran included. That is what the President did in a scant week-and-a-half.”

Judge Jeanine:

“And yet it seems that in that scant week-and-a-half, the President brought together, as I said in my opening, fifty Muslim leaders in one place. The respect, the ceremony, it’s very telling as to how they are accepting him versus how they accepted the other president.”

Dr. Gorka:

“Because they treat him as a true leader. They recognize him for who he is. He gave them tough-love, let’s be honest, Judge – he gave them tough-love. He said to the fifty-plus leaders: ‘look, you have to drive the extremists, you have to drive the terrorists out of your places of worship, out of your communities because we are in a war between good and evil.’

At the same time, he reassured them that look: ‘I’m not just gonna say $110 billion arms-deal with Saudi Arabia, I’m going to call out Iran, I’m going to call its destabilizing influence on the region’, so wherever he went it was substantive, but it was the same message that the Marine Corp. division that supplied Secretary Kelly and Secretary Mattis to this administration, it’s the same motto: ‘No better friend, no worse enemy’.”

The back and forth with Judge Jeanine goes on for three minutes longer and you can watch the full exchange below:

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