Global Cooling? Scientists Find ‘Totally Unexpected’ Counternarrative

For YEARS we have heard nothing but a single narrative – pushed by charlatans like Al Gore – that global warming is destroying the planet. Well, it looks like that ‘theory’ may be a bit more inflated than we thought.

Arctic waters have apparently absorbed massive amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus creating a “cooling effect” that is allegedly 230 times greater than “the warming from methane emitted from underwater seeps,” a new study has found.

These findings do a total 180 on the climate science we have been pushed endlessly. The thought was that “methane seeps in the Arctic Ocean were contributing to global warming”, as the Daily Caller reports and, “if the results hold, [the] study could have big implications for how scientists calculate the global carbon ‘budget’ and for future projections of global warming.”

The Daily Caller report reads:

A group of U.S., German and Norwegian scientists measured methane and carbon dioxide concentrations off Svalbard’s coast. They found 2,000 times more carbon dioxide was taken out of the atmosphere than methane escaping from underwater vents.

. . .

Methane escaping margin seeps at depths of 260 to 295 feet appeared to stimulate marine phytoplankton, which may have increased their intake of carbon dioxide. The study “suggests physical mechanisms that transport methane to the surface may also transport nutrient-enriched water that supports enhanced primary production and CO2 drawdown.”

The takeaway from all of this is that if we can see this replicated in other methane-rich waters, we could see a massive change in thinking as it pertains to climate change, global warming, and climate science as we know it.

Perhaps ‘climate change’ isn’t ‘settled science’ after all now is it?

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