French President Macron Calls Russian State Media ‘Propaganda’ at Joint Presser with Putin (VIDEO)

Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron called two Russian media outlets “organs of influence and propaganda” while standing beside Russian President Vladimir Putin at a joint presser.

Macron called RT and Sputnik “propaganda” elaborating by saying they “behaved like structures of the government” instead of independent news outlets – apparently unlike all of the liberal French press that slandered and bashed Marine Le Pen and propped up Macron as an outsider despite being the ultimate insider and all the while avoiding the veracity of the claims surrounding #MacronGate.

The Hill reports:

French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday labeled two Russian media organizations as “organs of influence and propaganda.”

Macron, standing alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin, said RT and Sputnik “behaved like structures of the government” instead of independent news channels. During his presidential race, Macron had banned reporters from the organizations from his campaign headquarters.

At the joint press conference, Macron seemed to make a point of highlighting issues about which that France and Russia sharply disagree.

Macron drew a “red line” on the use of chemical weapons by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whom Putin supports, raised concerns over inaction on anti-LGBT violence in Chechnya, and mentioned Russia’s own domestic crackdown on NGOs.

Full VIDEO with English translation:


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