Former Obama DHS Official Celebrates ISIS Killing Christians in Egypt: ‘What Goes, Around Comes Around’

It appears that former Obama DHS official, Mohamed Elibiary’s Islam-is-the-religion-of-peace mask slipped on Sunday when he tweeted out his celebration of the Islamic State slaughtering Egyptian Christians by saying, “Subhanallah what goes around, comes around.”

‘Subhanallah’ is Arabic for ‘Glory to Allah’, so Elibiary is praising ‘Allah’ because Christians are being slaughtered.



Via The Daily Caller:


In early May, ISIS published issue 9 of its magazine “Rumiyah,” which is the publication Elibiary is referencing in his tweet.

The first article in the new issue is titled “The Ruling on the Belligerent Christians,” and explicitly praises the recent ISIS terror attacks against Coptic Christians in Egypt, also calling for more deadly attacks against Christians and their property. Elibiary referred to this call and other contents in the article as “otherizing” in his tweet.

The Obama administration let Elibiary go from his position in September 2014. Elibiary has a long history of controversial remarks, including statements that the return of the Muslim caliphate is “inevitable,” and also that America is “an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant constitution.”

Pam Gellar reminded us that Elibiary even had a Muslim Brotherhood symbol on his DHS Twitter account…

For a long time, he even had the Muslim Brotherhood symbol on his DHS twitter account.

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