Former French Intel Chief: NATO Is Making Up Russian Threat to Justify Their Own Existence

NATO is no longer necessary and the dissolution of the Soviet Union proves this.

NATO justifies its entire existence by continuing to paint Russia as a security threat, Yves Bonnet, the former head of French counter-intelligence, said in a recent report by RT.

Bonnet says the Russians, “are no longer ‘villains’, the Soviet threat has vanished – primarily because the USSR doesn’t exist anymore.” He goes on to say that the claims that Russia’s aggressive behavior is relevant is “exaggerated”.

From the RT report:


“I believe that NATO intentionally fuels the perception of Russia as a threat… Like any organization, the North Atlantic Alliance wants to continue existing and the only reason for prolonging its existence is you… the Russians,” he said.

. . .

In the current historic moment, NATO “isn’t a useful organization, but a dangerous one,” Bonnet said, adding that “the North Atlantic Alliance should be disbanded altogether.”

“I saw what NATO did in Yugoslavia [in 1999], waging a war there without an international warrant… Now NATO is invading Afghanistan, although this country isn’t in the North Atlantic,” he said.

The intelligence veteran slammed the bloc’s policies towards Russia, saying that “it makes no sense to make the Russians worry. It’s completely pointless to make [the Russians] nervous. Don’t tease the ‘Russian bear.’”

Bonnet went on to say that he didn’t believe the Russians interfered in the recent French presidential elections, which was a claim voiced by leftist Emmanuel Macron and his associates:

“I think that it’s exactly the opposite. The Russians didn’t interfere in the French election. But there was an open influence on the presidential campaign from numerous financial interests, both French and international, in particular Israeli, who supported the presidential campaign of Emmanuel Macron,” Bonnet said.

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