Former CIA Agent: ‘Trey Gowdy Ought to Have His A** Kicked’ (VIDEO)

Former CIA Agent, Phil Mudd spoke with Alyson Camerota and Chris Cuomo on CNN Wednesday morning to discuss Former CIA Director, John Brennan’s testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee.  

Trey Gowdy made minced meat of John Brennan yesterday during the testimony, once again proving that there was ZERO EVIDENCE of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians during the 2016 election.

CNN played a clip of Trey Gowdy shredding John Brennan over whether he had any ‘evidence’ rather than ‘intelligence’ of collusion between the Trump camp and the Russians which apparently triggered former CIA agent, Phil Mudd because he responded by saying, “Trey Gowdy ought to have his a** kicked. He knows the difference between intelligence and evidence.”




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