Forbes: If GOP Lawmakers Don’t Pass Tax Relief They Will Lose House and Trump Will Be Impeached

Economist Steve Forbes told Stuart Varney if Republican lawmakers don’t pass tax relief they will lose the House and President Trump will be impeached.

Steve Forbes: I think they will cut tax rates. Bigger reform may come next year. But the bigger thing is to get those barriers down now on the corporate tax side and individual tax side… The prospect of becoming a lobbyist or perhaps a FOX News contributor next year I think will focus their minds, we better get something done. Now this special counsel, I think it’s a disaster. But it does bide time. Things will calm down on Capitol Hill where they actually can focus on getting this thing done. If they don’t get this done, the House is going to go to the Democrats and we know that’s going to mean they can’t help themselves> It’s going to mean impeachment. It’s going to mean two years of nothing.

Via Varney and Co.:

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