Figures. Lying Media Misquoted Trump in Memo – Here’s What He Really Said…

These hacks are out of control!

The liberal media is running on a completely fabricated story that President Trump asked FBI Director Comey to end the Flynn investigation.

That is not what he said.

The media is lying again —- in order to assassinate President Trump.

If they succeed at this with this continued assault of fake news report after fake news report the country is lost.

Scott Adams reported:

The Slow-Motion Assassination of President Trump

Today’s headline news is that an alleged Comey memo indicates President Trump tried to obstruct justice in the Flynn investigation by saying to Comey in a private meeting, “I hope you can let this go.”

Key word = hope

How did the New York Times characterize Trump’s expression of hope?

The liberal #FakeNews mainstream media is out of control.
You cannot trust a word they say.

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