GOP Rep. Ann Wagner Stalked, Threatened and Harassed Outside Church — PHOTOS and AUDIO


Angry Democrats are stalking Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO) at home and at her church in St. Louis West County.

Her Chief of Staff Christian Morgan sent this message to local St. Louis TV and radio host Jamie Allman at FM Newstalk 97.1 this weekend:

First, our staff, who is made up of young kids, working for crappy pay and who serve the people of the 2nd district, have been subject to the kind of harassment I have never seen in politics. Young women in our office have been called “bitch,” “slut,” “whore,” and worse – if you can imagine. Additionally, the voicemails that are left on our answering machine go from the humorously crazy to the dangerous threats that we have had to notify the Capitol Police who have come to the area several times to investigate. These are threats of violence, assassination, blowing up her car, etc. Threats and messages that I have never before heard in my 5 years as Ann’s Chief of Staff and my 13 years in politics.

Second, 2 nights ago, masked thugs went onto Ann’s property in Ballwin and vandalized her sidewalk to her house and her driveway. Snooping around her home and around her parked cars outside her home. They wrote chalk outlines of dead bodies and had grave markers and took pictures while on her property. The Ballwin police had to remove them from the premises. Again, never before have I seen this kind of behavior in my 13 years of politics. It would be one thing if these “protesters” were showing their faces – but these were/are far-left anarchists like you see in the Seattle riots and DC riots around the President’s inauguration. Thankfully, the neighbors around Ann love her, and the neighborhood kids took buckets of water and brushes and washed off a lot of the defacement and instead wrote “We Love Ann” on the sidewalk. What an amazing community.

Third, these radical groups have also protested Ann’s church during Sunday morning church services and plan on protesting again in the future. They parked and stood on church property with insulting and degrading signs about Ann and her votes as a member of Congress. Again, I have never seen a protest at a member of Congress’s church during church hours. I have pictures of some of the poorly made signs and insults that are hurled at parishioners as they attend Sunday morning services. Apparently nothing is sacred anymore.

Ann Wagner won her district 58% to 38% in 2016.


Photos via Jamie Allman.

Leftists outside Rep. Wagner’s church on Sunday.

Nothing is sacred to these hooligans anymore.

Ann Wagner spoke with Jamie Allman this morning about the violent leftists stalking her at home and at church.

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