FAKE NEWS=>WaPo: “Trump Fired Comey Because He’s Taller”

Kathleen Parker wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post titled, “A Theory: Trump Fired Comey Because He’s Taller’. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this passes for journalism today.

Trump didn’t fire Comey because he failed to uphold the rule of law, he was fired because he’s a few inches taller than Trump. Got it.

Trump recently fired James Comey, the most corrupt FBI Director in history. Not too long ago the Democrats were calling for Comey’s head on a platter because he was unfit to serve after he re-opened Hillary Clinton’s email case days before the 2016 election.


Now the fake news media is floating a theory that Trump fired Comey because he’s taller than Trump. You just can’t make this stuff up. Kathleen Parker even managed to bring up Russia and Vladimir Putin because without blathering on about Russian conspiracy theories, what would fill up an otherwise blank article coming from the left?

The most ironic part of this article is that Parker references Orwell in an attempt to describe some twilight zone we are because of Trump, but ended up describing the fake news media like Washington Post, CNN etc.

Via the Washington Post:

Facts aren’t facts; truth isn’t true; reality isn’t real.

This is where we are.

It’s no wonder that “Orwellian” is the most widely used adjective derived from the name of a writer. We are living in the most surreal of times.

Several months forward, however, what could have prompted Trump to take action? In a Trumpian world, stalled somewhere between second grade and a prep school locker room, even the ridiculous seems plausible. So, let’s try a wild one: Maybe Trump fired Comey for being taller, at 6 feet, 8 inches. In light of his infatuation with size, one can easily imagine that a 6-foot-3-inch Trump would resent having to look up to the guy who was investigating possible collusion between his campaign and Russia.

Put on your tinfoil hats, folks because here’s more Russia Russia Russia (even after every Intelligence agency has said there was zero evidence of a Trump-Russia collusion):

Or is it just possible that his campaign really is guilty of collusion with Russia? Does Vladimir Putin have something on the American president? There may, indeed, be nothing, as Trump insists, but the president goes out of his way to appear guilty. How difficult is it to say why he fired Comey? The variety of explanations over a matter of days was obviously a flailing for justification. Trying to track them felt like trying to solve a maze where the cheese keeps moving.

This story and others such as ‘Trump got two scoops of ice cream while reporters only got one scoop‘ and ‘Is President Trump afraid of stairs?‘ are what passes for journalism today. The media sycophants have completely lost their minds as they work around the clock to deny President Trump is fully earned legitimacy to be President.

If you’re in the mood to kill more brain cells or if you’re doing a study on the mentally ill liberals in the media, you can read the rest of the article from the Washington Post here.

Here’s a reminder as to why Comey was fired:


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