FAKE NEWS FAIL=>MSM Reporters Fall for Fake Document With Absurd Demands by POTUS

Monday, hordes of MSM reporters fell for a fake “White House” document that showed President Trump making absurd requests and demands of his hosts in Israel.

A Twitter account called “Rogue White House Senior Advisor” tweeted out a picture on Friday of what they claimed to be the President’s bizarre and potentially offensive demands, including “roughly a metric ton of sugary and non-kosher junk food,” the Washington Free Beacon reports.

The account appears to clearly be fake and a parody intended for trolling and humor, but some MSM reporters apparently can’t see through the schtick.

Jerusalem Post’s Anna Ahronheim believed the document to be legitimate tweeting:

“The catering requirements for #TrumpInIsrael seem kinda OCD: 6 boxes of Double Stuffed @Orea cookies—unwrapped and stacked in rows of 8…”

Reporters from Business Insider, the Nation, the Washington Post, and Mother Jones all jumped in adding to the complete lack of credibility. It is almost a meme in and of itself to have fake news MSM reporters fawning over a completely phony “official” White House document from an obvious parody account.

The Nation’s Joshua Holland tweeted the following before deleting his post:

“Do they need to don their tinfoil hats or something before plugging in the microwaves?”

Some more ace reporters chimed in:

Doesn’t take much these days to fool the MSM.


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