#FAKENEWS UPDATE: Trump Did Not SHOVE Montenegro Leader – Protocol Puts US in Front Row – Montenegro Is NOT a NATO Member

The fake news media created yet another scandal today, also known as Thursday.

Left-wing media outlets like CNBC and CNN posted a video of President Trump at the NATO summit in Brussels and claimed Trump shoved Prime Minister Markovic of Montenegro.

The left-wing beta males are used to a passive and weak, Obama. President Trump is an assertive alpha male.


President Trump was just being assertive. He actually patted the Prime Minister on the back. This is exactly how the President of the United States should be. Trump is the leader of the free world and the liberals just can’t handle it.





Note to CNBC reporter: Montenegro is NOT in NATO, yet.

Montenegro may become the 29th member, soon.

And NATO protocol calls for alphabetical order with a few exceptions, including the U.S. having a place of honor in the front, next to the UK


TGP also reported that President Donald Trump trashed NATO members for not meeting their financial commitments during the unveiling of a memorial dedicated to the victims of the 9/11 attacks.

Some of the reaction from Trump supporters…


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