FAKE NEWS Attacks POTUS and FLOTUS in Israel Over ‘Low Five’ (VIDEO)

The fake news media is losing their minds over POTUS Trump’s wildly successful trip to the Middle East. President Trump arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel earlier and the leftist media is claiming that the First Lady ‘appeared to swat away POTUS Trump’s hand’ after they were greeted by President Netanyahu and First Lady, Sara Netanyahu.

So now the media is scrutinizing POTUS and FLOTUS over what appears to be a ‘low five’. Every couple has their way of communicating but leave it to the hateful media to turn such a beautiful meeting with Israel into something negative.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli people were absolutely giddy to see the new US president land in Tel Aviv after eight dark years under Obama which is why the fake news is attacking them for NOTHING. Absolutely pathetic!

Here’s the real news, folks! Our President and beautiful First Lady were all smiles after they landed in Israel.

Fake news Politico took a shot at POTUS and FLOTUS:

Some of the reaction from Trump supporters…



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