Disgusting! Liberals Laugh as Republican Congressman Talks About His Wife’s Cancer (VIDEO)

Liberals shed tears when Jimmy Kimmel for his emotional monologue on his new son’s heart condition.

But on Monday far left OFA protesters laughed when Republican Congressman Rodney Davis talked about his wife’s struggle with cancer.

What sick people.


The Free Beacon reported:

Organizing for Action activists gathered outside the Illinois office of Republican Rep. Rodney Davis laughed at the congressman as he attempted to tell the story about his wife’s fight with cancer.

Davis attempted to tell the protesters, who stood outside his office with signs protesting his vote for the American Health Care Act, about his experience with the health care system back when his wife was diagnosed with colon cancer, but from the beginning he was interrupted and laughed at by the group.

After being told by a woman about how great her experience with the health care system was in Canada, Davis wanted to explain his experience dealing with the Canadian health care system. Just as Davis started his story about his wife, he stopped once he heard groans from somebody in the crowd.

“Did I just hear an ‘ugh’?” Davis said. “Wow. Did I just hear an ‘ugh’ as I’m about to talk about somebody who had cancer? That’s offensive.”

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