Democrats LOSE Again! GOP Candidate Wins Omaha Mayor’s Race in a Romp


Nebraskans Reject Far left Party in Big City Mayor’s Race–
Omaha voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 – But Democrat was rejected on Tuesday night.

Via the Omaha Herald:

Omahans can expect four more years of City Hall focus on public safety and the budget — and maybe a new riverfront — after Mayor Jean Stothert easily won re-election.

Stothert won 53 percent of the votes to challenger Heath Mello’s 46 percent in the final unofficial count, with a particularly strong showing in the western part of the city.

“To the community I love, thank you for rehiring me,” she said. “I’ll work harder than ever to make you proud of our work.”…

…Stothert, a Republican in an officially nonpartisan seat, kept the focus on local governance issues as Mello tried to harness anger over President Donald Trump.

It was another brutal loss for Democrats – who couldn’t even win in a big Midwestern city.


The Democrat party infighting didn’t help.

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