Democrat Rally Speaker: Trump Budget Is Attempt to Implement “Ethnic Cleansing” (VIDEO)

Democrats held a rally today in Washington DC against President Trump’s proposed budget. Bishop Dwayne Royster, from Philadelphia, accused Trump of attempting to implement “ethnic cleansing.”

Several Democrat lawmakers were standing with the deranged bishop on the stage.

This is today’s Democrat Party. Completely unhinged.
American Mirror reported:


A Philadelphia bishop is accusing the President Trump of attempting to implement “ethnic cleansing” through proposed budget cuts designed to shrink the federal government.

“This budget, if I can be honest with you, is an attempt to implement ethnic cleansing in this nation from people of color, but also poor white folk from whom services being but will be impacted the most,” Bishop Dwayne Royster said at a Wednesday social justice rally broadcast by ABC News.

Via NTK Network:

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