CRAZY: Liberal Reporter Bob Schieffer Compares Comey Firing to Kennedy Assassination (Video)

The liberal media continued to beclown itself this week after FBI Director James Comey was canned.

Far left veteran journalist Bob Schieffer compared Comey’s firing to the Kennedy assassination.

What a loon.

That’s just insane.
The mainstream media continues to lose credibility by the day.

Rush Limbaugh reacted to this insanity today on his radio show.
Via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH: Listen to Bob Schieffer here. You know, the Jurassic Park anchor from CBS? He used to be on Deface the Nation. He was on CBS This Morning. Gayle King (that’s Oprah’s BFF) said, “Hey, Bob, is it fair to compare Trump to Nixon?”

SCHIEFFER: There are many parallels, uh, to Watergate, but I have to tell you, I think all the way back to the, uh, Kennedy assassination to draw parallels. I was there, as you know. I have always felt if Lee Harvey Oswald had been put on trial, a lot of these conspiracy theories that are still circulating today would have been put at rest then. It is absolutely imperative that Donald Trump find a way to reassure the American people that these questions about Russia are not true, if that is his version. He’s gotta lay it all out. He’s gotta show ’em some proof. He’s gotta give ’em some reason to believe that these things are not true.

RUSH: That’s not how it works, Bob! For crying out loud, we’re now gonna compare this to the Kennedy assassination and Oswald? Who’s on the grassy knoll in this story? The Russian ambassador? Who’s up there? That’s why our justice system is the way it is. You cannot prove a negative! The accusers have to be the ones that prove it. Trump can’t prove anything! These clowns… How in the world can you have proof that you didn’t do something? That’s the whole point. The accusers have to prove it!

And, by the way, Bob, even if there had been a trial, there would still be conspiracy theorists. You know why, Bob? Because Oswald was a commie pinko SOB, and you people in the Northeast were never gonna stand pat for a communist assassinating JFK. You people were always gonna try to trigger this off on some wacko conservative group in Texas. In fact, I think that’s the birth of the modern era of the current crop of liberals. They could not abide the fact that a communist — they loved the communists back in ’59. A communist insulted their favorite president?
“No way, Mabel! That’s not gonna get a foothold.” So the day of the assassination, columns on the front page of the New York Times were trying to place Oswald as an extreme right-winger. He wasn’t! He was a communist.

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