CNN’s Kate Bolduan Calls Physical Assault on Texas GOP Lawmaker ‘Democracy in Action’ (VIDEO)

CNN’s Kate Bolduan nonchalantly described the Texas Democrat politician’s assault on a Republican lawmaker as being ‘democracy in action’.

As TGP previously reported, a Democrat lawmaker attacked a TEXAS REPUBLICAN LAWMAKER after he called ICE on Illegal alien protesters.

The illegals were holding signs that read, “I am an illegal and here to stay,” and “No SB4 No Hate.”

That’s when Republican Representative Matt Rinaldi called ICE to report the illegals at the protest.

Rinaldi’s actions caused Democrats to come unglued.
Democrats threatened physical violence on the House floor.

Unhinged Democrat Rep. Ramon Romero threatened to shoot Rinaldi and attacked him on the House floor.

Threatening to shoot a person while illegal aliens ‘protest’ is not ‘democracy in action’, it’s criminal. But what do you expect from VERY FAKE NEWS CNN?



H/T The Daily Caller

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