Cher Whines About Pricey Asthma Meds After O-Care Repealed – Cher Is Worth $305 Million!

Isn’t it about time Cher paid her fair share?

The wealthy pop artist posted a whiny unhinged tweet on Thursday after House Republicans repealed the failing Obamacare law.

In Iowa 94 of 99 counties have no options left in the Obamacare system. 70,000 Iowans would be without health insurance if Republicans did nothing to correct this disaster that was built on a bed of lies.

But Cher wants cheap asthma drugs.


Cher is worth $305 million.
We think Cher will be just fine.

Here is the best response to poor Cher.

“#GoFundMe #GoFundCher [email protected] can’t pay for asthma meds without the Feds – America is over. Please donate to @Cher healthcare immediately.”

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