#BrockGate: Media Matters Openly Brags They ‘Pushed Roger Stone’s Bigotry Off Cable News’

As more information is pulled out of the #BrockGate document, which reveals Media Matters for America, George Soros, and associated parties’ three-year strategic game plan to manipulate, propagandize, and control, it becomes extremely germane to discuss those who have been directly implicated.

On nearly each page of the document are these sidebars wherein the organizations involved brag about their conquests and accomplishments. One of the earliest sidebars appears on page 13 of the document and reads:


Media Matters succeeded in pressuring CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox News to stop booking Roger Stone, a regular guest and longtime Trump ally. Stone has a decades-long history of employing political dirty tricks and regularly spouting violent, racist, and sexist rhetoric, and used his various platforms during the 2016 campaign to advance fringe conspiracy theories and promote fake news. In late 2015 and early 2016, we aggressively educated network producers (who had been providing Stone an uncritical platform) about Stone’s background. In response to our pressure, CNN and MSNBC confirmed that Stone will no longer appear on their airwaves because of his bigotry, and Stone himself reported that he had been blacklisted by Fox News.”

You can view an image of the excerpt from the #BrockGate document below:

Language like “aggressively educated” is used throughout the #BrockGate document and insinuates the hardline approach to censorship that Media Matters and their associates cling to so they can steal the news cycle away from real news.


The following is a brief of summary of the findings in the document:

In the document, the group claims that they will push the Russia narrative forward, they assert that they will steal the best talent from the other left-wing outlets and consolidate them into Shareblue (they will convince “top editorial and writing talent [to] leave competitors to join Shareblue”), they propose a paid “Twitter-like” social network for the “opposition” to collude, they discuss their “Antidote to Breitbart” and their goal of controlling platforms like Google and Facebook, and they also mention a “Trump War Room” and their goal of keeping President Trump “unpopular” and how they are actively trying to portray President Trump as a “weak, think-skinned [sic] ‘loser’ vulnerable to goading”. In all, this is a comprehensive three-year game plan that the left hopes to implement to great effect in their effort to win votes in 2018 and take the White House in 2020.

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