BIG PLANS: O’Reilly Announces New Book Titled ‘Killing England’

Tuesday, Bill O’Reilly announced big plans involving a new book he plans to release. This is his first major project announcement since leaving Fox News.

The book is to be called “Killing England: The Brutal Struggle for American Independence” and will deal explicitly with the Revolutionary War. This is the sixth installment in O’Reilly’s “Killing” series. O’Reilly told the AP that he wanted to write about the Revolutionary War because no one covered it “top to bottom” yet. The book is due out September 19.

The Hill reports:

Stephen Rubin, the president of O’Reilly’s publisher, said Henry Holt and Co. is “committed” to printing the next three “Killing” installments.

“We are totally committed to Bill, long-term. Why wouldn’t we be?” Rubin told the AP. “We have created the most successful adult nonfiction franchise in recent publishing history and we are thrilled to continue it.”

O’Reilly left Fox News earlier this month after a series of sexual harassment claims, which the former top-rated cable news show host has denied.

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