Betting Markets Flip to Marine Le Pen in Final Hours Before Election

Marine Le Pen jumped to a huge lead Sunday over elitist Emmanuel Macron in the betting markets.

Le Pen holds a higher number of bets that Donald Trump or Brexit did last year.

Currently Oddschecker has Marine Le Pen leading Macron 76.64% to 23.36% . reported:

Independent candidate Emmanuel Macron is seen as the favourite to secure victory in the French Election, yet more more people have put stakes backing his opponent, found Oddschecker, which measures a number of betting odds to create an average.

Overall, there are a higher number of bets on Ms Le Pen coming out on top, than Brexit or Donald Trump – even though the odds are much lower, according to the betting experts.

Around 56 per cent of stakes placed have been for the anti-euro candidate to win.

Sam Eaton, spokesperson at Oddschecker, said: “Trump himself has been one of two major political betting shocks in the last couple of years, the other being Brexit.

“Even though the odds of another upset are a lot steeper, surprisingly a lot more people are backing another shock result in the French Election than in the US last year.”

Overall, polls point to Mr Macron as the next leader of France.

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