AWFUL. Social Justice Warriors Scream at White College Kids Celebrating Cinco de Mayo (VIDEO)

The humorless and perpetually outraged far left was out in force on May 5th harassing kids having fun at University of New Hampshire.

Social Justice Warriors harassed a group of college students enjoying Cinco de Mayo.

The SJW’s screamed at the male students,


“If you’re not Mexican, how is it your holiday? It’s not your holiday!… That’s for white people to figure out, or f**king know! Cinco de Mayo is NOT YOUR HOLIDAY!”

The young leftists then blamed Trump in their outburst.

The social justice warriors were so proud of their efforts they posted their video online.

Of course, this kind of anti-white racism is accepted and promoted on today’s college campuses.

For the record, Cinco de Mayo is a US holiday and excuse to drink. It is largely ignored in Mexico where the celebration is mostly ceremonial.

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