ASTROTURF: John Oliver’s Net Neutrality Campaign Full of Racist Bots and Fake Comments to Attack FCC Chairman (VIDEO)

The genuinely unfunny late night host, John Oliver has recently been in the news because of his “grassroots” campaign against FCC chairman Ajit Pai. It turns out the campaign is filled with bot accounts, fake comments, and death threats, among other things.

Oliver is notorious insofar as his attention seeking goes. He virtue signals and panders, trying his hardest to show every liberal just how tolerant he is, unless it impedes on his overall goal of influencing policy. He once took credit for being the instigator behind Obama’s net neutrality just as Pai prepares to reverse the policy.

If we look closely at the “grassroots” activism that Oliver is pushing, the comments responding to Pai’s filing come from accounts like “Jesus Christ”, “Homer Simpson”, and even “Melania Trump”.

The Free Beacon reports:


Eleven submissions used some version of the word “f–k.”

Pai also received death threats in several submissions. One commenter said, “[F]—k you Ajit Pai for what you’re are trying to do and I hope you die a horrible painful death with no remembrance to your name you cocksucka [sic].”

Another said failure to keep net neutrality would “cause me to pray for the slow and painful death of Chairman Ajit Pai and every living member of his family, direct or indirect.”

“Save internet and fuck this Ajit guy,” said another. “He’s from India, deport that asshole. We will take care of him when he’s back.”

Other comments used racial attacks against Pai, the son of Indian immigrants.

“Can you guys stop being complete greedy little s–ts and work for the American people and not for your wallets,” said one commenter using the name ” Andromeda Titan.” “Also, f–k you Ajit Pai (a disgrace to all Indians). And f–k Trump too.”

Another commenter said, “Ajit Pai looks and sounds like an Indian fraternity brother who exclusively f–ks underage women.”

“Ajit Pai looks like the lone Indian who rushed an all white bro frat and only got in because they needed someone to clean up after their weekend bender,” said another, who added, “It’s not racist because I’m Indian and white privilege absolutely exists.”

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